Weekend Workshops

Facebook Art Classes - MullumbimbyThroughout the year I’ll be offering weekend workshops in Simple Printmaking, Collograph Printmaking, Mosaics, Drawing, Encaustic and other media. Consult the news page for upcoming workshops, and keep an eye on my Mullumbimby Art Classes Facebook page.


I enjoy drawing, oil & acrylic painting, painting in acrylic inks and simple printmaking, including linoprints and collographs.

Kim Banffy Artwork - Samples Realistic paintings Abstract pointillist Collographs Etchings collographs Lino cut

You can also see my artwork on Pinterest.

My art could be divided into a few categories:

Whimsical, rather naive-style acrylic ink paintings that depict the spiritual journey of life.

The artworks available from this series are limited edition giclee prints, reproduced on either canvas or high-quality cotton-rag paper. I keep the originals, as they took a LONG time to complete.

These make great gifts for a significant life event or milestone, or as a gift to parents on the birth of a child.

Samples can be found here.

You can order limited edition prints here.

For more on my thoughts on the spiritual journey of life go to my wordpress blog: the light worker sings.

Realistic paintings.

Those available are originals on canvas, inspired by the Blue Mountains, NSW, and the NSW coast. Some are miniatures, 10cm square, and others are BIG! To see samples click here.

You can order original paintings here.

Abstracts - Intricate, modern, imaginative designs in either high colour or black & white.

The artworks available in this series are limited edition giclee prints on high-quality cotton rag paper.  See samples here.

You can order limited edition prints here.

Simple lino and collograph prints, etching and aquatints.

These are prints made by hand using the actual artwork as the master block. See below for an explanation of how a collograph print is made.

See samples of lino prints here.

See samples of my etchings and aquatints here.

What is a collograph print?

If you buy a collograph print you are buying a unique form of art.
Put simply, the artist makes a collage using whatever materials seem appropriate…it may be torn paper, aluminium foil, tissue paper, fabric scraps, feathers … anything handy!

The next step is to seal the collage with lacquer. After this the collage is inked up by hand using a ‘dauber’ and then the majority of the ink is manually rubbed off the plate with special fabric. When the artist is satisfied that the right amount of ink remains, the plate is put through a heavy, hand-operated press with wet paper.

The resulting print shows a variety of tones of the ink colour, depending on the depth and coarseness of the materials used in the collage.

Samples of collograph prints click here.

What do the numbers at the bottom of the print mean?

The title of the print will appear in the bottom left-hand corner. Following this you may see a number that looks like a fraction. This tells you that you are purchasing a limited edition artist’s hand-manufactured print. The top digit indicates in which order this particular print was made. The bottom one tells you how many prints were made off this particular plate.
You may sometimes just see the words ‘unique’ or ‘unique state’. This means that there is no other print that exists in this particular form. If the plate itself has been framed with the print you know there can be no further prints made off this particular plate.

You can order limited edition prints here.

Pointillist style paintings

I do like the art of the French Impressionists and Pointillists, and also am partial to the work of Australian artist Grace Cossington-Smith, who painted Sydney in this style early last century. These paintings are predominantly in acrylic paint on canvas, although 'Angophora Afternoon' is on paper, under glass.

To see samples click here.

You can order limited edition prints here.


Original artwork should not be hung in a room with very bright natural light, as this can fade the work.

Stay tuned for a new series soon.

I have just completed an encaustic art course, and when I feel comfortable with this medium, will be doing a series of oil and encaustic paintings. I'm excited by the wonderful textures this medium allows and look forward to sharing it with you.