These will shortly be available as Ebooks here on the website. Watch this space …  They rely very heavily on visuals, as well as text.

Hearing the Still, Small, Voice; A little Book of Self-Love

A gentle little book of activities to honour the true self, when you feel as if life is sweeping you away.

You can order e-copies here soon.

Touch the Future

A book of encouragement and pithy advice for teachers…a perfect thankyou present or Christmas gift for your child’s class teacher, a graduation present for someone you know who is launching into a teaching career, or simply to uplift a great teacher that you know.  

If you’re lucky you come across one truly gifted teacher in your school experience. This is a gift for that person.
Teachers often hear criticisms when they’ve done something people don’t like, but many people forget to say ‘Thanks’ when a teacher has done really great things. The odd thing about this is that parents will sing the teacher’s praises to the community, but forget to tell the actual teacher! This is the perfect, affirming way in which to do so.

You can order e-copies here soon.

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